Located in beautiful San Antonio, Texas we are nudist/naturist non-landed club.  We pride ourselves on providing a relaxed and safe environment for those who believe that being nude is natural.

We believe in the essential wholesomeness of all human bodies. We believe in the naturalness of social nudism. We consider that exposure of the entire human body to light and air is beneficial to physical and mental health. We believe that recreation–from exercise to relaxation and socialization–is enhanced by the nudist experience. We believe that we have the right to practice social nudism in appropriate settings, provided that we do not infringe on the rights of others.

We do not discriminate against singles, gays, couples, races, or what-have-you.  It doesn’t matter if you are part of a happy nudist couple, or have a reluctant “significant other”, or are unencumbered, ALL who desire to associate themselves with others who believe that clothes-free recreation is an appropriate alternative to cold, clammy, clingy, skin-cutting swim-suits are welcome in Bexar Recreation Society. We are adamant that nudity does not equate to sexual appeal or gratification.  Sexual appeal is just part of human nature and happens with or without clothes.  At the core of our principles is that one can be nude in nearly all endeavors unless protection from the elements is needed.

What we are is a back-yard nudist group but we get out in the country with nature when we can.

One must, at all times, conduct oneself within the bounds of standard nudist decorum, i.e. no sexual conduct allowed, no sexual propositions of any kind allowed, sitting on towels is a common courtesy. We do not abide abusive language, abusive conduct, nor abuse of intoxicants.

We subscribe to the Naturist Society and American Association for Nude Recreation principles.  We are not a sex club and not swinger-tolerant.  We are a 100% membership club under AANR and part of AANR Southwest.

American Association for Nude Recreation