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 Membership Information

We are an American Association for nude Recreation (AANR) club. This also includes our club being part of the AANR Southwest Region which is the regional organization of the AANR. We are also affiliated with the Naturist Society (TNS). Our club is listed in their magazine Nude and Natural (aka “N”) in the “Other Contacts” section. Bexar Recreation Society subscribes to the TNS/AANR principles…not a sex club nor do we tolerate swingers. We are basically a backyard nudist group since the nearest facilities are The Sahanoans at Star Ranch near Austin in McDade, TX. Being a cooperate club, activities are only as good and varied as the membership makes them. There isn’t anyone “on staff” to entertain us. We have had activities at member’s homes and visited Star Ranch as a group.

BEXAR RECREATION SOCIETY Membership dues are as follows:

  • Singles Couples
  • BRS dues $25.00 $25.00
  • AANR 30.00 52.50
  • SWSA 10.00 20.00
  • TOTAL $ 65.00 $ 97.50

Visitors are allowed up to two (2) visits before joining.

All BRS member must belong to both the AANR and the AANR-Southwest. Membership in these organizations includes subscriptions to the monthly AANR Bulletin and quarterly SWSA Sunspot.

NOTE: The National organizations dictate their membership fees and are subject to change. BRS does not discriminate based on marital status, sexual preference, color, age or what-have you. So it doesn’t matter if you are part of a happy nudist couple, have a reluctant Significant Other or unencumbered. All who desire to associate themselves with others who believe in clothes-free recreation are welcome to join BEXAR RECREATION SOCIETY. However, one must, at all times, conduct oneself within the bounds of standard nudist decorum (no sexual conduct allowed, no sexual propositions of any kind allowed, sitting on towel is a common courtesy, we do not abide nor appreciate abusive language, conduct or intoxicants.) We will do a background check on all new members.

If you are interested in meeting the group and possibly joining, please fill out the Contact  form above. We look forward to hearing from you!