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Club Events – August 2017

It’s been awhile since BRS has had an event, so we’ll try to make it up this month with two! Don’t forget your towel and  cold drinks.

First, on Saturday, August 12, from 12-5, Mary has graciously allowed us to use Herb’s house and pool for a swim and pot luck. Call Nancy at (210) 699-0011 or email her at to let her know you are coming and what dish you will bring to add to the pot luck. Also, her know if you are able to provide the main course.

Next, Neal will have a swim party at his place on Sunday, August 27, from 12-5. Once again we need you to call or email Nancy (210) 699-0011 or to let her know if you are coming and what you want to contribute to the potluck.

If anyone can host an event in September, please let Nancy know.

February Party!
Where did January go?  It seems like it flew by.
Thanks to Nancy and Mel for hosting the Christmas Party, the food was plentiful and good.  It was a small but great group of 8 and we enjoyed eating, talking and doing the gift exchange.  So sorry about the ones that were sick and couldn’t attend.  Hope all are well now.

Rick and Rebecca will host the annual Super Bowl Party on Sunday, February 5th.  Come anytime after 4:30 PM and enjoy the food and fun.  Rick will fix a brisket and the rest of us should bring the side dishes, snacks or dessert.  Please contact Nancy to let her know if you are coming and what you will bring. They have a great hot tub and you can see the TV from there or join others in the family room watching the Super Bowl.  For those of you who don’t care to watch the Super Bowl, I am sure some will be playing games   Don’t forget to bring your drink and towel.

Please use the Contact page if you would like more information about our club.

Please let Nancy know if you can host a party at your place or at least furnish the meat dish and we will try to find some place to have it.  We would like to have something every month or more if possible.

Membership Dues
If you dues are due, please contact Nancy to make payment.  Singles dues are $65.00 and couples dues are $97.50.

Rebecca reported on the Nude Years Party as follows:
“Well, with cancellations from folks who were sick with allergies and flu, folks who thought it would be too cold, and those who just didn’t show, we had a very small group of 5 ring in the new year. But the hot tub room worked out wonderfully: At 75 degrees, it was warmer than the house. We visited, soaked in the hot tub, watched the celebrations on TV, shared our New Years snacks and drinks, and chose not to engage in any of the card or domino games and just enjoy the company. At midnight, there were so many fireworks going off in the neighborhood, as Tom put it, is sounded like the Tet Offensive! Hope everyone else’s New Year’s Eve was safe. Happy 2015 and hope to see everyone at the next event.”

Ten people attended our annual textile brunch on January 17th fun, and we talked and ate for over two hours. It was a lot of fun!

Jim W. hosted a potluck and swim at Herb’s on Saturday, September 14 th . Nancy reported: “Everyone had a great time, and Jim had the most wonderful Stuffed Chicken breasts–they were so tasty and good. We had about 14 people and a good time was had by all. The weather was great and the pool just the right temperature.

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